It’s the Who Not the Why That Counts

Thank you, Britt Merrick, for first articulating for me that what anchors the Christian in suffering is our “Who” not our “Why.”

Watch Merrick’s Interview

And thank you, Tim Keller, for a wonderful summary of the hope of the Christian in suffering.

Watch Keller’s Sermon

. . .

Why does your goodness 

Begin so bitter?

Why does your wisdom

Fall so hard on my heart?

Why are love’s lessons

So easy to resent?

Why do your ways

Have to confuse,

Tempting me to believe it’s all for your


Slithering into my sorrowful sighs

Are evil’s whispers; the enemy’s “why?”.

The answers I have don’t suffice—

Time?  Or for another? Or a trust exercise?

It’s not quite right to live in the why.

Theres no comfort there;

Only tire and care.

. . .

Here is where you can enduringly reside

In the “I am still here,”

In the “I will never leave,”

In the “I am awaiting your homecoming,”

In the  “I won’t let go,”

In the  “I am your shield,”

In the “I stay the same,

Whatever the pain.

. . .

Always your goodness

Ends so sweet. 

Your wisdom is ever adorned 

With kindness of heart. 

 Always loves lessons  

Are steadfast and strong. 

Apart from your ways

I would have been lost—

My designs led to death, though seeming right

 To this man.

A triumphant resolution withers my sighs:

You are good, and only good all the time. 

The answers you have are higher than mine; 

Time will prove your faithful designs. 

I’ll live in the worship and not in the why

Here is a joy that enduringly abides— 

The Sovereign Lord over my ways

Yet here at my side.

. . .

“So stay here; remain. 

Fears dim, sin dies.

In all the waiting;

In all the “why’s.”

There’s no cup like mine.

I drank it for you,

Traded damnation

For dining beside you

At the end of all this refining. 

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